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By riding for white female rappers to the exclusion of Black women, Black men collude with the system against Black women, by demonstrating that our needs, aspirations and feelings do not matter and are not worthy of having a hearing.

This kind of cultural appropriation of Black women’s labor and creativity for white women’s gain, white men’s gain and Black men’s gain, is not new at all. It is the oldest race tale on American soil, remixed for a new era. And I ain’t got no love for that.

Iggy Azalea (& T.I.’s) Post-Racial Mess via Salon Mag (via lessonsinhiphop)
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tbh all the white ppl i know who truly understand racism to the best of their ability, have never asked me “do you hate white people???”

cause they actually listened to me and figured out that i hate white supremacy, not individual white people for simply being white

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dating poc to piss off your parents is racist

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Dear white feminists,




How about no. White feminists have achieved so much against the patriarchy and women of color need to look at what we did and learn from our experiences and successes.

I’m not saying we’re superior but I am saying it’s time they learned from us and took our advice.

Feminists of color: LEARN FROM US.

Lear what exactly?

Like, how to be racist and deny the intersections of anyone who is not white, cis, able bodied and middle class?

Or learn how to blame Black and Non-black MOC for their patriarchal transgressions, while never holding white men accountable?

Or how to willingly standby while a supposed white male “feminist” abuses WOC, but you support and protect him, but when the shit hits the fan y’all care more about his mental health than the WOC he abused?

That’s just a FEW examples of how white feminist fuck up. 

The only thing a WOC can learn from white feminists is what NOT to do

LEARN from WF? The only thing I’ve learned from WF is that the goal is to be able to be just as abusive towards POC as their male counterparts are with just as much freedom. That’s their fucking empowerment.

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White person or non Black PoC: “I act more Black than you haha”




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  • white woman:*washes hair, goes about business, while nobody tells her to put caustic chemicals on it so she can get hired in professional fields*
  • white woman:*compares her frizzy hair to a black woman's afro with the most disgust*
  • black woman:*washes hair, spends shitload of time and money "taming" it with chemicals that burn her scalp and gets it blown out as straight as possible so she can get a job*
  • black woman:"I'm tired of catering to this racist bullshit. I'm going natural. FUCK the consequences"
  • black woman:*looks amazing with her head full of thick kinks and naps doing all kinds of things you'd never see on a magazine cover or ad*
  • white woman:"OMG I'm natural too!!" *continues to wash hair and go about her business while no one tells her to slather caustic chemicals on her head or she won't get hired*
  • white woman:*compares her frizzy hair to a black woman's afro, this time as a compliment*
  • black woman:...
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when white people forget they’re white and start using “them” in reference to other white people instead of “us”

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